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Machining Centres and Quantifying Machinability

November 23rd, 2022

The term “Machinability” refers to how easily a material can be machined in machining centres. The process of machining something involves removing pieces of it with a series of different machine tools like power saws on an assembly line in a factory. Materials are machined in order to put them into a particular shape.

Various factors go into quantifying machinability. For example, a material may be easy to cut, but might be rough on the machines used to cut it. This would make for poor machinability because it’s not worth it to use a material over the long term if it continually bends or chips the power tools used in the process.

Even materials that can be broken down easily in machining centres may not make for good machinability. An example is thermoplastics, since they tend to melt and then flow around the blades of saws instead of being cut and then easily removed.

Quantifying machinability is a classically difficult process and it’s usually focused on one particular process in machining centres. The first and most obvious way to quantify machinability is the “tool life method.” This method focuses directly on how long machine tools last when they work on the material. This method is best when it’s necessary to compare the machinability of one substance against another substance of very similar quality.