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Machining Centres and Quantifying Machinability

November 23rd, 2022

The term “Machinability” refers to how easily a material can be machined in machining centres. The process of machining something involves removing pieces of it with a series of different machine tools like power saws on an assembly line in a factory. Materials are machined in order to put them into a particular shape.

Various factors go into quantifying machinability. For example, a material may be easy to cut, but might be rough on the machines used to cut it. This would make for poor machinability because it’s not worth it to use a material over the long term if it continually bends or chips the power tools used in the process.

Even materials that can be broken down easily in machining centres may not make for good machinability. An example is thermoplastics, since they tend to melt and then flow around the blades of saws instead of being cut and then easily removed.

Quantifying machinability is a classically difficult process and it’s usually focused on one particular process in machining centres. The first and most obvious way to quantify machinability is the “tool life method.” This method focuses directly on how long machine tools last when they work on the material. This method is best when it’s necessary to compare the machinability of one substance against another substance of very similar quality.

The Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor is the Leading Name in Air Tool Machines

April 13th, 2022

The year of 1871 was very historic. In Paris, the working class rose up and briefly formed a commune based upon socialist principles, the first of its kind. On the other side of the globe, Simon Ingersoll patented his first steam-powered rock drill and subsequently founded his first company named Ingersoll Rock Drill Company. Ingersoll’s corporation then merged with Rand Drill Company in 1905 to form Ingersoll Rand.

Ever since the merger of the two companies, Ingersoll Rand has diversified from being a small firm specializing on making mining and construction equipment to become one of the world’s top manufacturers of several products. With yearly revenue of $13.2 billion, Ingersoll Rand is known is the quality maker of biometric security systems, refrigeration, and air compressors.

When it comes to compressors, Ingersoll Rand is one of the undisputed leading makers. A leader in compressor technology, they were the first to make oil-free air compressing units back in 1912. Since then, the company never stopped producing the quality Ingersoll Rand air compressor.

Why Should You Choose Ingersoll Rand?

Highly Efficient:

When choosing equipment one of our main priorities is efficiency. Will this product do the job well? Because Ingersoll Rand engineers do a thorough check on every product that rolls out of their factory, you can be assured that their compressors would perform at a highly efficient level.


Durability is important when it comes to buying a compressor. Of course, a buyer would not want to buy a product that easily wears out. Non-durable equipment is surely a waste of money. With Ingersoll Rand’s compressor, though, you can be sure that no penny that you will spend will go to waste. Made from the highest quality material and designed by the most experienced engineers, these units are built to last for a long time even if constantly used for heavy-duty work.

Easy Maintenance:

Maintaining a compressor in top condition can be a challenge for some brands, but not with Ingersoll. Maintenance is never a difficult issue with these units. You will not sweat a lot and break your back maintaining their compressor products.


Sometimes you may need to bring your compressor to a different location. In the old days, this might not be possible since old generation air compressors are really bulky and difficult to transport. As one of the oldest and premier maker of compressors, Ingersoll Rand knows the need for a portable air compressor. That is why their engineers have designed many of their units to be portable. With its package design, it can be easily transported and installed on a different job site.

Great Service:

One of the great perks that come with buying a product from this company is that you can be sure that they will continue to take care of your equipment even if you have purchased it for a long time. No matter where you are located, they are committed to providing the best assistance they can offer with your compressor. You can call their highly-trained engineers and technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you have a question or problem with your Ingersoll Rand air compressor.